In Loving Memory of our Best Friends

Maya Magic


She took my hand with her paw and walked by my side. The keeper of my heart! My Best Friend through one of the toughest times in my life. Grateful to her owners for blessing me with her love. We took great care of each other! ♡


His sweet eyes...just a small glimpse into such a loving and loyal soul. Companion to Tiger Lily! ♡

His sweet eyes...just a small glimpse into such a loving and loyal soul. Companion to Tiger Lily! ♡ Loved and cared for by a wonderful family! Forever in our hearts. 

Kosmo and Milo


Brothers reunited! Kosmo and Milo spoiled us with pure love and devotion for many years before reuniting after crossing the rainbow bridge. We are sure they are both together again, feasting on cheeseburgers and running through the fields. Forever blessing our hearts!

Tiger Lily


Full of happy smiles and eager to snuggle up to her favorite humans! Tiger Lily was eager to please and generous with her love. Companion to Chester and spoiled with the best love a pup could find from a family! 



He took our hearts and made them his in a way no other could do. Gadget blessed his owners and I with love very few others knew. With eyes that spoke deeply, the wiggliest of wiggly buns and a loyalty beyond this world. He brought us together in times of need and is deeply loved and missed. Run free sweet soul...we love you!



Hide and Seek or Run and Tease? Lola blessed us with her youthful soul and love to play games. Eager to be with her loving family and happy to share her sweetness with me. Forever adored and in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of our Best Friends



Forever hiking by our side! Whether rain or shine, she was always happy to adventure to the great outdoors! And just as happy to settle in for a cozy snuggle by your side. She is surely chasing the squirrels! ♡



Patient, kind and oh so sweet. Kolbee blessed us with his gentle love. Always thrilled with a stroll around the neighborhood to catch up on what's going on. And twice as happy when he was spoiled to a treat!



Full of grace! The best puppy sister that Kolbee could have wished for. Forever in our hearts and remembered so fondly.



A snuggle and a snore...definition of adore! Rosie blessed us with her gentle presence. Always sharing her love and showing us how to take time to appreciate the present moment. 



Tiny bundle of pure sweetness and devotion. Cosette gave so much love and loyalty to all who knew her. The pep in her step made our hearts smile. Forever in our hearts! 

Shady Lady


Oh sweet Shady Lady...with your special TV tricks! A happy purr and head butt was just the beginning. Always in our hearts! ♡